Unique Tracking Number Facts

Published 01/20/2021

Question: What does UTN stand for?

Answer: UTN stands for "Unique Tracking Number."

Question: Where do I get a UTN?

Answer: A UTN will be provided for each 30-day Pre-Claim Review request, whether it’s provisionally affirmed or non-affirmed. Palmetto GBA will list the Pre-Claim Review (PCR) UTN on each decision letter.
When the multiple billing period option is used, two or more UTNs will be generated — one for each 30-day period. Providers should place the correct UTN on the corresponding 30-day billing period claim to avoid a Return to Provider (RTP).

Question: Does the UTN expire?

Answer: The UTN expiration date will follow the timely filing rules, no later than one calendar year after the date of service. With the PCR option, claims submitted with a Date of Service (DOS) outside of the DOS on the PCR request (which is the date used on the UTN) the claim will trigger an Additional Document Request (ADR) because the UTN was not valid for any other dates.

For information on where to place the UTN on the Final Claim, visit this article on the Palmetto GBA website.

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