Welcome to the new National Provider Enrollment (NPE) West

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has awarded Palmetto GBA the NPE West contract. Effective November 7, 2022, this contract, along with the NPE East contract, awarded to Novitas Solutions, will replace the current National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC).

Until November 6, 2022, please continue to work with the current NSC. All enrollment activities will continue as usual until the transition date. The NSC website is still operational and all tools and other information is available.

What's Changing?

Effective November 7, 2022, DMEPOS activities for suppliers located east of the Mississippi River will be administered by Novitas Solutions. DMEPOS activities for suppliers located west of the Mississippi River will continue to be administered by Palmetto GBA.


What's Not Changing?

Much will stay the same for NPE West suppliers after the transition.

  • The contact information for NPE West suppliers will not change from the current NSC information. Suppliers will continue to call the same customer service number (866-238-9652) and use the existing mailing addresses that exist today.
  • All web tools, FAQs, articles and other information on the current NSC website will be adjusted to reflect the new NPE West, but will operationally remain the same.
  • Enrollment processes and procedures will continue as currently performed. No change to the enrollment process will occur due to the transition.

Important Update

COVID-19 Waivers Have Ended

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