Licensure Information

Standard #1 of the Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standards states 'if a State requires licensure to furnish certain items or services a DMEPOS supplier must be licensed to provide the item or service'.

View information regarding Supplier Standards and Licensure Updates.

This licensure directory contains the licensure requirements for each state as it pertains to the National Provider Enrollment (NPE West).

Disclaimer: This licensure directory is only a guide. The various state boards or regulating agencies have the final determination as to what license is or is not required. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations.

Helpful Tips:

  • The “License required (In-state)” indicates the specific license required under the product category listing and the name of the license will be displayed. If a license is not required, “No License Required” will be displayed.
  • The “Req. for suppliers (Out-of-state)” indicates the licensure required for suppliers located out-of-state. If “Yes” appears, a license is required. If “No” appears, licensure is not required for out-of-state suppliers.
  • The Licensing Agency listed is the entity issuing the license. You can click the link to view the state agency’s website.
  • If “Yes” appears in “Verify Online”, you can click the link to go to the website to verify information.
  • Req. for Pharmacies (In-state)” indicates any licensure required for pharmacies. If “No” appears, a license is not required for pharmacies. Note: Out-of-state pharmacies must hold a non-resident pharmacy permit. If “Yes” appears, the pharmacy providing products and services in the selected state must obtain the license regardless of if the pharmacy is licensed as in-state or non-resident pharmacy.
  • If “Notes” appear, it is imperative you read the note associated with the license as specific exemptions or other important information for license is indicated.  

Note: In the case of home-based businesses, the supplier is responsible for ensuring they are compliant with local ordinances regarding a home-based business.

View the DMEPOS State Licensure Directory.

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Last Updated: 08/09/2022