Modifier Lookup

Published 04/12/2022

The Palmetto GBA Modifier Lookup Tool provides guidelines for documenting and correctly submitting CPT and HCPCS modifiers on your claims. You may search the tool by modifier, keyword or phrase. All records matching your search criteria will be returned for your review. You may also use the “Show All” button to view a complete list of modifiers available.

If you are aware of a modifier that is not listed, or a description and/or a guideline that is not clear, please email Palmetto GBA ( with your suggestions.

Questions regarding individual claims must be directed to the Provider Contact Center. You may fax a Written Inquiry Request Form (PDF) to have your inquiry answered. Please do not include any Protected Health Information.

HCPCS Modifier F9HCPCS Modifier GEHCPCS Modifier RACPT Modifier 24CPT Modifier 51HCPCS Modifier RIHCPCS Modifier AKHCPCS Modifier GMHCPCS Modifier LRHCPCS Modifier GNHCPCS Modifier FCHCPCS Modifier QWHCPCS Modifier E2HCPCS Modifier UPHCPCS Modifier F5HCPCS Modifier QLHCPCS Modifier CGHCPCS Modifier UNHCPCS Modifier SHCPCS Modifier ETHCPCS Modifier Q4HCPCS Modifier T6HCPCS Modifier Q7CPT Modifier 26HCPCS Modifier DAHCPCS Modifier MAHCPCS Modifier DHCPCS Modifier QTHCPCS Modifier GBHCPCS Modifier COHCPCS Modifier Q3HCPCS Modifier V6HCPCS Modifier FAHCPCS Modifier FXHCPCS Modifier T8CPT Modifier 91HCPCS Modifier AQHCPCS Modifier GWHCPCS Modifier JCCPT Modifier 57HCPCS Modifier ASModifier Lookup: Your Resource for Correct Claim SubmissionHCPCS Modifier BAHCPCS Modifier QZHCPCS Modifier NUHCPCS Modifier BOHCPCS Modifier AYHCPCS Modifier Q0HCPCS Modifier RTHCPCS Modifier XHCPCS Modifier SWHCPCS Modifier QYHCPCS Modifier CTHCPCS Modifier VPHCPCS Modifier F3CPT Modifier 74HCPCS Modifier UEHCPCS Modifier SGHCPCS Modifier EYHCPCS Modifier TCCPT Modifier 66HCPCS Modifier IHCPCS Modifier ATHCPCS Modifier XUHCPCS Modifier RCHCPCS Modifier GUHCPCS Modifier EBHCPCS Modifier Q5CPT Modifier 76HCPCS Modifier AGHCPCS Modifier LSHCPCS Modifier EJHCPCS Modifier E3HCPCS Modifier Q8CPT Modifier 52HCPCS Modifier T2HCPCS Modifier F1HCPCS Modifier JAHCPCS Modifier FHCPCS Modifier CQHCPCS Modifier GJHCPCS Modifier TSHCPCS Modifier G9HCPCS Modifier HHCPCS Modifier T3HCPCS Modifier CHCPCS Modifier ADCPT Modifier 82HCPCS Modifier E1HCPCS Modifier T1HCPCS Modifier FBHCPCS Modifier F8HCPCS Modifier AAHCPCS Modifier QPCPT Modifier 8PHCPCS Modifier JDHCPCS Modifier MFHCPCS Modifier MDHCPCS Modifier MBCPT Modifier 53HCPCS Modifier T9HCPCS Modifier QKHCPCS Modifier LTHCPCS Modifier NCPT Modifier 90HCPCS Modifier XEHCPCS Modifier MHHCPCS Modifier F2HCPCS Modifier QSHCPCS Modifier CNHCPCS Modifier RRHCPCS Modifier E4HCPCS Modifier JWHCPCS Modifier LCCPT Modifier 2PHCPCS Modifier PHCPCS Modifier SCHCPCS Modifier REHCPCS Modifier WHCPCS Modifier OHCPCS Modifier CBCPT Modifier 73HCPCS Modifier F7HCPCS Modifier Q1HCPCS Modifier LDHCPCS Modifier TAHCPCS Modifier QQHCPCS Modifier QXHCPCS Modifier APHCPCS Modifier KZHCPCS Modifier GCHCPCS Modifier GHCPCS Modifier YOHCPCS Modifier GQHCPCS Modifier JHCPCS Modifier CMCPT Modifier 23CPT Modifier 81HCPCS Modifier QDHCPCS Modifier Q9HCPCS Modifier USHCPCS Modifier MGHCPCS Modifier UQCPT Modifier 80HCPCS Modifier V7HCPCS Modifier GPHCPCS Modifier JBCPT Modifier 47HCPCS Modifier QCHCPCS Modifier LMHCPCS Modifier GSHCPCS Modifier URHCPCS Modifier GGCPT Modifier 3PHCPCS Modifier GVHCPCS Modifier QJHCPCS Modifier RCPT Modifier 59HCPCS Modifier MCHCPCS Modifier CHHCPCS Modifier AFHCPCS Modifier GHHCPCS Modifier F6HCPCS Modifier MEHCPCS Modifier AEHCPCS Modifier G7HCPCS Modifier T5HCPCS Modifier G8CPT Modifier 77HCPCS Modifier FYHCPCS Modifier G0HCPCS Modifier BLHCPCS Modifier T4CPT Modifier 63HCPCS Modifier T7HCPCS Modifier F4HCPCS Modifier GOHCPCS Modifier MDHCPCS Modifier UHCPCS Modifier CICPT Modifier 50HCPCS Modifier CSHCPCS Modifier EHCPCS Modifier KXCPT Modifier 78CPT Modifier 58CPT Modifier 79CPT Modifier 25HCPCS Modifier Q6HCPCS Modifier EAHCPCS Modifier ECHCPCS Modifier PAHCPCS Modifier PBHCPCS Modifier PCHCPCS Modifier CRHCPCS Modifier GAHCPCS Modifier GXHCPCS Modifier PIHCPCS Modifier PSCPT Modifier 62HCPCS Modifier PTHCPCS Modifier AZHCPCS Modifier AIHCPCS Modifier GYHCPCS Modifier GZHCPCS Modifier CKHCPCS Modifier CLHCPCS Modifier AHHCPCS Modifier AJHCPCS Modifier XSHCPCS Modifier PDHCPCS Modifier CJHCPCS Modifier XPHCPCS Modifier FSCPT Modifier 54CPT Modifier 55CPT Modifier 1PCPT Modifier 22HCPCS Modifier FT