HCPCS code A9283 (Foot pressure off loading/ supportive device, any type, each) was developed to describe various devices used for the treatment of edema or for a lower extremity ulcer or for the prevention of ulcers.

When products are used solely to treat edema or ulcers or to prevent an ulcer of the lower extremity, suppliers should code them based on the patient’s condition. For example, walking boots are coded L4360 and L4386 when they are used as a brace for the treatment of orthopedic conditions. However, if walking boots are used solely for the prevention or treatment of a lower extremity ulcer or edema reduction or to prevent an ulcer, they must be coded A9283.

When using code A9283, there is no separate billing using addition codes. Replacement liners for devices billed with A9283 must be billed with code A9270 (noncovered item or service).

The instructions in the Ankle-Foot, Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses LCD, Documentation Requirements section, concerning the use of the GY modifier no longer apply and will be deleted in a future revision of the policy.

Published by Noridian as the PDAC, July 2009.  Republished by Palmetto GBA as the PDAC, February 2019.  Please note that links in this document were accurate at the time of original publication and may change over time and are no longer active.

Last Updated: 07/22/2009