2023 NDC/HCPCS Crosswalk

The NDC/HCPCS crosswalk provides a listing of each National Drug Code that is assigned to a HCPCS. The crosswalk is updated monthly, but contains all prior updates, along with providing details on what changes occurred that month.

For NDC/HCPCS crosswalk questions or file layout, view our NDC Crosswalk Questions and Answers.

February 2023

NDC to HCPCS Crosswalk (Excel, 1109 KB)
NDC to HCPCS Crosswalk (PDF, 2874 KB)
Date Changes (PDF, 177 KB)
Coding Changes (PDF, 173 KB)
Conversion Factor Changes (PDF, 179 KB)
Records and NDCs Added (PDF, 183 KB)
Records and NDCs Removed (PDF, 180 KB)
Additional Changes (PDF, 175 KB)

January 2023

NDC to HCPCS Crosswalk (Excel, 1356 KB)
NDC to HCPCS Crosswalk (PDF, 2878 KB)
Date Changes (PDF, 178 KB)
Coding Changes (PDF, 178 KB)
Conversion Factor Changes (PDF, 178 KB)
Records and NDCs Added (PDF, 182 KB)
Records and NDCs Removed (PDF, 204 KB)
Additional Changes (PDF, 175 KB)

Last Updated: 01/31/2023