Retired - Enteral Nutrition Supply Kits - B4034-B4036

The codes for enteral feeding supplies (B4034-B4036) include all supplies, other than the feeding tube itself, required for the administration of enteral nutrients to the patient for one day. Codes B4034-B4036 describe a daily supply fee rather than a specifically defined "kit". Some items are changed daily; others may be used for multiple days. Items included in these codes are not limited to pre-packaged "kits" bundled by manufacturers or distributors. The supplies described by these codes include, but are not limited to, feeding bag/container, flushing solution bag/container, administration set tubing, extension tubing, feeding/flushing syringes, gastrostomy tube holder, dressings (any type) used for gastrostomy tube site, tape (to secure tube or dressings), Y connector, adapter, gastric pressure relief valve, declogging device, etc. These items must not be separately billed using the miscellaneous code (B9998) or using specific codes for dressings or tape. The use of individual items may differ from patient to patient and from day to day. Only one unit of service may be billed for any one day. Units of service in excess of one per day will be rejected as incorrect coding.

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