DMECS Update Listing

The listings provide new products added to the Product Classification List (PCL) each month, as well as updates made to previously coded products. Newly coded products listed on the PCL are identified as ‘additions’ and changes to previously coded products are identified as ‘updated’ in the DMECS Update Listing.

Field Name(s) Description(s)
Update Indicator Indicates if line item is a new product added to DMECS or an update to a product listing
  • A: Addition of new product
  • U:  Update to previously coded product listing
Product Name Name of coded product
Manufacturer Company distributing or manufacturing product
Model Number Model number of coded product
HCPCS Code Five-digit alphanumeric HCPCS code assigned to product
Effective Date Most current date on which product became valid to bill with assigned HCPCS code
End Date Date at which product is no longer billable with that assigned HCPCS code
Comments Comments listed for product regarding certain ways to bill or specific information regarding the product

Monthly Update Listings

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Last Updated: 07/09/2024