Retired - Clarification of Billing Surgical Dressings as Components of Kits

The codes used to bill surgical dressings depend on how they are used.  Such dressings are an integral part of the supplies/kits listed below.

a. Dressings used with infusion pumps are a component of code A4221.

b. Dressings used with parenteral nutrition are a component of code B4224.

c. Dressings used with gastrostomy tubes for enteral nutrition are a component of codes B4034-B4036.

d. Dressings used with tracheostomies are a component of code A4625 and A4629.

e. Dressings used with dialysis access catheters are included in the composite rate (outpatient facility dialysis) or payment cap (method 1 home dialysis) paid to the dialysis provider.

In all of these situations, dressings must not be billed separately using the more specific dressing codes listed in DMECS.  Refer to the individual DME MAC Policy Articles for additional information on the correct coding of dressings.

Revision History

Date Update
10/28/2009 Published on PDAC website
11/08/2021 Retired

Last Updated: 10/28/2009