Retired - Correct Coding Instructions – A4358 Urinary Collection Bag

A4358 (URINARY DRAINAGE BAG, LEG OR ABDOMEN, VINYL, WITH OR WITHOUT TUBE, WITH STRAPS, EACH) is a urinary collection bag that includes straps which hold the bag securely to the body.

Manufacturers of urinary collection bags have notified the Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) Contractor that some collection bags do not contain straps. While manufacturers may offer these products without straps, Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) suppliers are reminded they MUST supply straps with the urinary drainage bag to the Medicare beneficiary.

Suppliers are reminded that A4358 includes both the drainage bag and straps. If the drainage bag from a particular manufacturer does not contain a leg strap, suppliers must provide a leg strap but should not bill using the miscellaneous code A4335 (INCONTINENCE SUPPLY; MISCELLANEOUS) and A5113 (LEG STRAP; LATEX, REPLACEMENT ONLY, PER SET) or A5114 (LEG STRAP; FOAM OR FABRIC, REPLACEMENT ONLY, PER SET).

Refer to the Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and Policy Article for Urological Supplies for coverage and HCPCS coding requirements.

All current DME products coded by the PDAC are found on the PDAC website on Durable Medical Equipment Coding System (DMECS), For questions about correct coding, contact the PDAC Contact Center at (877) 735-1326 during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, or e-mail the PDAC by completing the DME PDAC Contact Form located on the PDAC website:

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Date Update
04/18/2011 Published on PDAC website
01/10/2019 Retired – content incorporated into the applicable Local Coverage Determination or related Policy Article

Last Updated: 04/18/2011