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Additional States Requiring Licensure/Certification for Prosthetics and Certain OrthoticsDMEPOS Enrollment Status LetterNSC News January 2014DME MACs Establish Claims Processing Pre-payment Auto-denial Edit to Search for Oxygen Specialty CodesMedicare Learning Network (MLN)NSC Application Status ToolNSC Newsflash August 2014Internet-Based PECOS User ToolsImportant Reminder - DMEPOS Competitive BiddingNew Instructions for Suppliers of Implantable DevicesDME MAC Contact InformationHow Institutional Providers Will Pay the Medicare Enrollment Application Fee Beginning March 25, 2011September 2013 NSC NewsletterCMS Announces Accreditation Organizations for DMEPOS SuppliersDefinition of OperationalSurety Bonds for Suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and SuppliesResponding to NSC Requests via EmailCMS Announces Surety Bond Requirements for DMEPOS SuppliersCMS Announces Regulatory Revisions Pertinent to Suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and SuppliesCMS Announces the use of the Revised CMS-855S Enrollment Application for DMEPOS SuppliersCMS Announces Accreditation ClarificationNSC Web Form SubmissionThe Revised CMS-855s Enrollment ApplicationUpdate to Chapter 15 of the Program Integrity Manual - Reconsideration RequestsContacting the National Supplier ClearinghouseNotice Regarding Revalidation and Application Fee2019 Open Enrollment PeriodIntroducing the NSC NewsflashGuidance on Implementing Section 3109 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Revision)Claims Against Surety Bonds for DMEPOS SuppliersCMS Provides Clarification for Fingerprint-based Background ChecksNSC Revalidation Process for DMEPOS SuppliersCMS Announces the Sunset of Indian Health Services Medicare Part B Billing PrivilegesInternet-based PECOS Makes Enrolling EasierOrdering and Certifying Documentation for DMEPOS SuppliersNSC News June 2013Site Visits ResumeCR 9065 - Incorporation of Certain Provider Enrollment Policies in CMS-6045-F into Publication 100-08, Program Integrity Manual, Chapter 15Submit Claims With the Correct Billing Number/NPIMaybe You Should Consider Using Internet-based PECOSChange Request 6854 Clarifies Reporting of Surety Bond ChangesNSC News January 2013New Licensure Database LaunchedNSC Newsflash --March 2015 EditionDMEPOS Suppliers: Use Revised CMS-855S Beginning January 1, 2017National Provider Identifier (NPI) CMS WebsiteCMS Announces Accreditation ExemptionsNSC News October 2016NSC Newsflash July 2016CMS Issues a Revised CMS-855S Enrollment ApplicationAdditional States Requiring Licensure for Prosthetics and Custom-Fabricated OrthoticsAre you properly accredited for all products you provide and bill for?Dentist Required to have a Surety BondExtension of the 2013 Annual Participation Enrollment Program for DMEPOS SuppliersDMEPOS Development GuidelinesJune 2015 NSC NewsflashNSC Operations InformationGuidance on Pharmacy Accreditation ExtensionNovember NewsflashDME MAC Jurisdictions and MapDMEPOS Supplier Revocation BarImplementation of Provider Enrollment Provisions - CMS-6028CMS Announces Updates to Chapter 15 of the Program Integrity ManualBackground Fingerprints: Check Your Status OnlineInternet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System for DMEPOS SuppliersSuppliers of Oxygen Equipment and/or SuppliesUpload your Open Enrollment Documents!Pharmacy Accreditation ExtensionChange Request 6566 Provides Guidance on Implementing Edits for Certain DMEPOS ItemsPharmacy Attestation Information (Revised)Internet-Based PECOS Getting Started GuideCMS Announces Regulatory Changes in Change Request 6310NPI RegistryUpdated Information Regarding DMEPOS Enrollment FeesGuidance on Implementing Edits for Certain DMEPOS ItemsProvider/Supplier Reporting of Adverse Legal ActionsNew Legislation Extends Coverage and Payment to IHS FacilitiesMedicare Enrollment Application Fee for CY 2021Do Not Forward (DNF) InitiativeDMEPOS Site Inspection Regulation RemindersMedicare DMEPOS Supplier StatementReporting Changes of InformationCMS DMEPOS Accreditation FactsheetInteractive Voice Response (IVR) Unit User GuideCOVID-19 InformationValid Virtual Site VisitsElectronic Funds Transfer: Revised CMS-588 Required on February 28, 2021