Noridian, LLC (Noridian) will assume the duties of the Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) contract on August 18, 2008. Below are important details about the transition of these functions from the SADMERC, Palmetto GBA, to Noridian.

  • Effective August 18, 2008 all product review forms and corresponding documentation, along with product samples, if applicable, should be mailed or faxed to PDAC using the addresses and fax numbers listed below. Any written or email inquiries should also be directed to PDAC starting August 18.
  • The PDAC HCPCS product review forms are located in the HCPCS Review section of the PDAC Web site, www.dmepdac.com. These forms are fillable and savable which means that you can save this form to your computer. Information completed each time these forms are filled out can also be saved.
  • When sending HCPCS product review forms, only one application with supporting documentation is required. Multiple copies of these documents are no longer required. Please discontinue using any SADMERC forms as of August 18.
  • PDAC will send an acknowledgement letter for all product reviews transferred from SADMERC to PDAC.
  • Starting August 18, you can use the Contact Us page on our Web site to send us a question or inquiry.
  • The PDAC Contact Center hours are 8:30 am- 4 pm CT. The PDAC Contact Center will be operational as of 8:30 am CT on Monday, August 18. Reminder: The HCPCS Helpline will be unavailable as of 12 noon ET on Friday, August 15.
  • As of August 18, the DME Coding System (DMECS) will be accessible from the PDAC Web site.
    PDAC Contact Center: 1-877-735-1326
    Hours: 8:30 am – 4 pm CT

    Fax: 1-701-277-7898
    Mailing Address
    Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding
    PO Box 6757
    Fargo ND 58108-6757

    Courier Address
    Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding
    900 42nd Street South
    Fargo ND 58108-6757

Published by Noridian as the PDAC, August 2008.  Republished by Palmetto GBA as the PDAC, February 2019.  Please note that links in this document were accurate at the time of original publication and may change over time and are no longer active.

Last Updated: 08/07/2008