Product Classification List (PCL) Updates Request

The Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) Contractor maintains the PCL and the Durable Medical Equipment Coding System (DMECS) on its website. The PCL is updated with HCPCS codes for corresponding products, as coding verification determinations are completed by the PDAC.

Search the DMECS PCL for products that have been assigned a code by the PDAC using one or more of the following: Manufacturer/Distributor Name, HCPCS Code, Product Name, Product Model, Classification

It is the responsibility of manufacturers and distributors to notify the PDAC within 30 days of any changes involving products listed on the PCL.

The following situations describe circumstances when changes involving a product listed on the PCL require a new coding verification application be sent to the PDAC, along with any required information and product sample(s).

  • Any changes to products coded prior to August 1, 2008 by the Statistical Analysis Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier (SADMERC)
  • Product currently listed has changed from initial coding verification review conducted by the PDAC (or former SADMERC). An example is if product is made from a different material, is now a different size, or manufacturing of product has changed
  • Addition of a new product name to the PCL for an existing model number
  • All size changes to surgical dressings
  • Addition of model numbers for LSOs and TLSOs coded prior to May 15, 2010
  • Addition of model numbers for Power Mobility Devices, including Power Operated Vehicles and Power Wheelchairs
  • Request to reinstate a product on the PCL that is currently listed with an effective end date
  • Request to change any information currently listed on the PCL from what was submitted on original coding verification application due to a manufacturer change such as a change in labeling, product name change, or model number change

The following situations describe circumstances requiring only the submission of the appropriate signed and dated attestation form(s) on company letterhead. The attestation must identify all affected products as they are listed on the PCL (i.e. screenshot of products on DMECS) and state that the products have not changed.

All requests must be accompanied by manufacturer/distributor name as listed on the PCL, current mailing address, and contact information. See Contact Us for details.

Access all forms from the Applications and Forms webpage

Situation Description

New Private Label Agreement

Addition of a new manufacturer/distributor name because of a private label agreement (Each form must be sent to the PDAC from each respective company).

  • Attestation regarding Addition of a New Manufacturer/Distributor Name Resulting from a Private Label Agreement - Manufacturer Attestation
    • Manufacturers must submit a copy printed on company letterhead
  • Attestation regarding Addition of a New Manufacturer/Distributor Name Resulting from a Private Label Agreement - Distributor Attestation
    • Distributors must submit a copy of printed on company letterhead

Manufacturer Name Change

Addition of a product because of a Corporate Merger or Purchase. If appropriate attestation form is not completed and required legal documentation is not supplied, a new coding verification application must be submitted.

  • Attestation regarding Manufacturer Name Change Resulting from Corporate Merger or Purchase
    • Submit a copy printed on company letterhead
  • Provide legal documentation, as required by state where company is located, demonstrating name change is final and complete

Addition of Model Numbers

Manufacturer/distributor requests additional model numbers be added to an existing product line currently listed on the PCL. Examples include: New color to product line and new size to product line that is within current size range of assigned HCPCS coding.

  • Attestation Regarding Addition of Model Numbers
    • Must be printed on company letterhead, and sent with product literature and effective begin date for new product(s)

PDAC Will Update PCL Without New Coding Verification Application or Attestation Form Submission When:

  • Information on the PCL is incorrect because of a typographical/administrative error made by the PDAC
  • Manufacturer/distributor has discontinued production of a product or a private label agreement has been terminated. Request must be submitted by manufacturer/distributor listed on the PCL and must include the following:
  • Printed on company letterhead
  • Effective end date of products in request
  • Complete product listing exported from PCL

Each inquiry will be handled on a case-by-case basis and PDAC reserves the right to request a new coding verification application to verify the correct code. All final decisions made by the PDAC will be communicated to the inquirer in writing.

Last Updated: 12/06/2018